What is it?

uToolbar is a Firefox add-on for webmasters who work with the free website builder uCoz. It includes buttons that provide easier and safer authorization on uCoz websites and allow moving of Admin Bar/User Bar to the toolbar.



uToolbar allows handy and secure login to websites with uID. Now, after setting up the toolbar (entering your email and uID password), you can login to websites that support uID by means of clicking only one button. Letter U on the left side of the toolbar becomes orange if uID authorization is possible. This authorization method is fully secure and is similar to the secure login in Webtop. When logging in via the toolbar, there is no need to worry about your website security—your password will never be stolen by fraudsters.

Starting with 0.2.8 version, a feature of using several uIDs has appeared. You need to add the necessary amount of accounts in the settings (uID tab)


Additional search form (including search tools for webmasters)


Login to Webtop by means of clicking one button is useful not only for webmasters. For webmasters it is access to Control Panel/building of uCoz websites. For other users it is a simplified access to their personal organizer and a number of other online applications of this WebOS.


Google Page Rank and Alexa data will be interesting for webmasters who are engaged in website promotion. These are two basic criteria that characterize website popularity. Even if you are not a webmaster these data will be interesting for you. High indices will tell you that the website is popular, and low—that it has few visitors.


Moving of Admin/User Bar gives you more space in browser window, which makes the website management handier.


uToolbar can display the current weather in your city. All you need is to enter the city name in the settings window.


uToolbar settings allow enabling/disabling of any of its add-ons. E.g. you can disable moving of User/Admin Bar or displaying of Google PR and Alexa data, if you do not need them.
  • To adjust quick and secure authorization on a website and in Webtop, all you need is to fill in your email and passwords.
  • To adjust the weather module, you need to enter your city. And then uToolbar will find the weather forecast for you.
  • Quoting module settings require entering of your blog URL where the quoted materials will be posted.

  • Toolbar allows to copy the shortened link (u.to service) from the context menu (Right-click on the link->Copy the shortened link). You may place this link on your website and keep track of the link usage statistics with the help of shortened link service u.to.
  • Thank you for installing uToolbar

    As you can see, uToolbar was created for easy control of your site. So if you have a site on uCoz make sure you installed our toolbar. We assure you it is going to be your best helper in the web. Enjoy it.


    We welcome all comments, suggestions, complaints and indeed all feedback from users. Please go to our Feedback page and leave your message for developer.