Changelog for uToolbar:

Features added in version 0.3.0
  • Google PR display errors have been corrected
  • Text translator has been removed (Google Translate functional has become a paid one)
  • Firefox 8+ support
  • A feature to select the degrees of displaying the temperature
  • Some insignificant improvements.

Features added in version 0.2.9
  • For Firefox version ≥ 4 “paste and go” in the menu of the address bar is not repeated any more.
  • The toolbar elements can be dragged to the other browser bars:
  • The algorithm of displaying Google PR has been changed. The PR is being displayed for each page now and not for a domain.
  • This toolbar version is supported by Firefox 5, 6, 7 versions.

Features added in version 0.2.8
  • A new feature of using several uIDs for uCoz websites and Webtop login has appeared.
  • A feature of removing a search bar from the toolbar was added.
  • Full support of Firefox 4.0 (without duplication of admin/user bar)
  • Some fixes of Google PR display.

Features added in version 0.2.7
  • Bug fix: 18+ link added to Admin Bar.
  • Supports Firefox 4.0

Errors fixed in version 0.2.4
  • the 'quoting into blog' malfunction has been fixed

Features added in version 0.2.3
  • Language localizations
    Due to the increase of uCoz users in the world the following languages have been added – English and Spanish. In the nearest future other languages will be added as well, particularly German.
  • Automatic login to в WebTop
    Starting from this version the button for Webtop auto-login is available. Specify your username (email) and password in the settings and you will be able to get to work with your WebTop quickly and easily.